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14 March 2006 @ 03:17 pm
Hi everybody,

Long time no see? I don't even know where I left you and since I'm writing this before I get on the internet, sorry if any information overlaps.

I'll write about a few things that are memorable but I don't think they'll be in chronological order. Katia's sister and her sister's friend (Jaana and J) came to visit and brought us some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, otherwise known as the best cookies ever. I think this was the beginning of the visitors' roll. I got to do a few of the touristy things with them again and by the end of their visit, Jaana welcomed me to the family. =o)

Pam and her friends from her BU Geneva internship program came for a night this weekend. They had taken a train from Geneva to Milan, spent the day there, then took another train to Florence. The same day, Katia's cousin and her friend (Audra and Rachel) came in from Boston so we had like, the best time at our discotheque. Lorenzo greeted me warmly even without Katia or Lynne with me and it was incredibly fun, having all these new people there. It was the first time also that the whole 'gang' was in one place at one time besides Shannon/Katia's apartment. Lynne's entire family was visiting and her 15-year-old brother came along as well. Pam's friend quickly de-sobered him and gave him his first initiation (or so we suppose) to hard liquor. Of course, with such a big group, we were bound to get separated. A few things happened here and there and honestly, I probably should have been a bit stressed but I think Italy is getting to me. This is the country with no drinking age and a weekend that extends mostly to Monday afternoon, where wine is cheaper than soft drinks and meals are not complete with only two plates. I love this country so damn much! I know this is a bit tangential but honestly--what is there not to love? Italy has so much rich history that's intertwined with indulgent art, food, and nature. I really believe that the Italians mostly have it right in how to enjoy life. I've stopped kidding myself into thinking that I'll be able to see and do everything I want to here, which just means one thing---I'm definitely going to have to live here at some point in my life.

In any case, back to the visitors--in accordance to being respectful to the guests, I won't be saying much about the events of that night--unless you ask. Sunday was spent with Shannon and the Geneva-ns, taking in the sights of the Duomo (only exterior) and the Boboli Garden in Palazzo Pitti. It was quite windy but warm at times, so it made for a pleasant day. We had lunch while we were still across the Arno and met up with Mishka for lunch, who unfortunately didn't get her pizza in time to mangiare with the rest of us.

We finished off the visit with gelato at the most gaudy gelateria in Florence. It's flashier than Baskin Robbins and Ben & Jerry's combined, and probably has about as many flavors together, too. It's amazing though, the gelato is so good and varied, anybody would be able to find something there. There's rice and soy, different varieties of chocolate and hazelnut, yogurt and mousse of different fruits and sweets. We dropped off the guests to get back to Switzerland with whisperings of Facebook and immediately, I felt like someone was missing. But fortunately, I'll be seeing Pam (and Robin!) for spring break.

Today, I met up with my conversation partner, a university student named Andrea. He brought along another friend, Azzurra (sp?) while I brought along an entourage of my own--Katia, Audra, and Rachel. They watched us pick apart our lunch and we watched them play DDR. Andrea had these amazing looking eyes, blue and green, very clear and very inquisitive. We are all supposed to get gelato this Thursday. And for dinner, Katia attempted to make us some fajitas tonight but we forgot to get soy sauce so instead, we had this spicy turkey wrap type things with pepper.

As for classes, I love that I have trips all the time. I must've bombed my Romanesque and Gothic class quiz but it was really fun to see the insides of a Romanesque church, San Miniato, which is on a huge hill on the other side of Florence. Piazzale Michelangelo was right next to it, the piazza that's supposed to have the best view of Florence, so I walked down to it and took an 11-picture panoramic shot of hazy Firenze. For my Renaissance class, I went to the Uffizi again and I'm probably even going today to give Audra and Rachel a small tour through it.

We absolutely love having visitors--come visit! The three of us are becoming really good at coordinating things with each other so that our guests aren't completely alone all the time and between Shannon and I, we might have an entire Florence tour guide book memorized.

I miss you all very much, let me know how you're doing biatches!