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31 March 2006 @ 11:59 am
in geneve  
Can I just say how confused I am going to be language-wise upon my return to Italy next Tuesday? I am in Geneva, albeit not doing too much but being able to relax in a room with internet, and I was confused today upon hearing workers outside speaking in French. Despite the fact that I have been in French-speaking (francophone!) territory since Saturday.

And did you know Europe (and well, Australia) changes to Daylight Savings a full week earlier than America (and perhaps the entire North and South American continents)?

Paris was wonderful--broad sidewalks, soft French accents, baguettes and croissants and pain du chocolat and crepes and even great muesli cereal. France is a lot more American-ized than Italy is, I feel like I've just come out of a hole. They have Skittles! Of course, we were there in the midst of all the student protests and striking and I took a train out to Geneva between the day of Black Tuesday and the day when students stormed into Gare de Lyon and stopped train service for two hours. Lucky me.

Geneva is interesting but I think I am enjoying my time with two of my favorite not-as-close-friends-as-I-would-like Wellesley people, Pam and Robin. They are graciously hosting me and entertaining me with endless BU program gossip.

Anyhow, I must go! I am late!